Did you make a New Year’s resolution to read more in 2023? Many people have. How you make it happen is up to you.

Here are 3 tips to help you accomplish this goal:

  1. Decide on the number of books you want to finish, then break that down by month. Let’s say you read only 3 or 4 books in 2022, and you want to double that number. Eight books divided by 12 equals .6666667 books per month. Laugh if you will, but it is possible to read 2/3 of a book in one month.
  2. Pick a genre you enjoy. Nothing is worse than forcing yourself to read historical fiction if you prefer nonfiction books on spiritual growth. I have a difficult time reading nonfiction, but I do add them in to my reading list.
  3. Consider using Audible. Some people tend to fall asleep while reading a physical book. Others can’t sit still long enough to read for 30 minutes or an hour. I have friends who put on an audio book and listen while doing crafts or housework. This doesn’t work for me – audio books put me to sleep! It isn’t the content, it’s the act of sitting down, closing my eyes, and slipping into nap mode.

I read 66 books in 2022 and I want to read more than I did last year. I set my goal for 68.

Matthew Kelly is considered to be one of the top thought leaders of our time. I love his quote:

Reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body and prayer is to the soul.

Books take us to places we can’t physically visit. They give us insight into the human spirit; its struggles, heartaches, and victories. Reading exercises our mind and keeps us sharp.

Other benefits of reading:

  • You have something to talk about in social situations
  • You expand your vocabulary – who doesn’t want to sound smarter?
  • You learn something new every time you pick up a book
  • People who read live longer – I have no idea where this anecdotal study came from, but some have suggested it’s because people who read are staying home and not engaging in dangerous behavior. (shrug)
  • Books take you away from your life – reading about others’ struggles helps you forget yours

My challenge to you – Read more in 2023!

I have bookshelf envy. No place to store books in a motor home.

What I’m Reading:


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