The Caregiving Season, A Book for Caregivers
By Jane Daly

Book Cover: The Caregiving Season

In 2019 The Pacific Northwest Association of Church Libraries (PNACL) invited Jane to present about her experience of caring for and honoring aging parents (and other family members). As chronicled in The Caregiving Season, Jane has been through the physical, financial, and emotional journey when she cared for her elderly mother who passed away at the age of 94. There can be constant tension during the transition from child to rule-maker. It is overwhelming at times, and you need to remember that there are a number of strategies you can employ for your own self-care.

Below are some Family and Caregiving resources for those in the Caregiving Season:

Helpful advice for the different stages and changing roles for family members — free resources, broadcast blogs, and many ideas for ways you can strengthen your family relationships.

senior scam yield sign

Seniors and Finances

Many scammers try to steal tax refunds. Don’t let this happen to your aging loved one. has resources for seniors and finances, including elder care. is a website where you can verify misinformation and identify scams.

Are you a caregiver, in need of encouragement?

Shelly Beach has written a beautiful devotional book of meditations for those in the Caregiving Season. I highly recommend this book, Precious Lord, Take My Hand.

Caregivers face many hurdles. Sometimes we need to stop, rest, and reflect on good things.

Ambushed By Grace is also written by Shelly Beach.

Each chapter contains useful sidebars, i.e. Roadside Rest, Roadside Realities, and Roadside Assistance. The book is written from the perspective of someone who has been down the road before us. Her practical, faith-based book is a much-needed encouragement for a weary caregiving traveler.

The Caregiving Season: A Retired Blog

Although this blog is not active, we are working to archive all our posts. It is my past and is incredibly relevant to someone in their Caregiving Season. Please check back soon!