What do you call a 60-something woman who sells everything to live in a motor home full-time?

Crazy? Quirky? Perhaps I’m both.
But it gives me plenty of time to write — stories for women who want to know there is hope in horror and life beyond loss. Women who have given up what they thought was important, to find what truly matters.

Rigsby On The Road

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Reading, Writing, and RV Life!

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Recent Release

The Women’s Empowerment Program was free. But it would cost her everything.

Brianna’s future was golden until a freak accident left her with a broken vertebra and a drug addiction. She completed rehab only to get kicked out of her perfect older sister’s condo after stealing pain meds. Now, she is homeless. The Women’s Leadership Program is everything Brianna has been looking for. Its dynamic director, Elizabeth, provides more than a roof over Brianna’s head. She encourages all the women in the program to be the best version of themselves. The accident robbed Brianna of a bright future, but the Program promised to return it — for the low price of unquestioning obedience.

At first, Brianna’s older sister, Morgan, had no qualms about kicking out her thieving, drug-addicted sister. It’s bad enough that her parents dumped Brianna on her before they took off in their RV. When her parents want Morgan to give them more information about this leadership program, it finally hits her that she has no idea where her sister is. It’s time to check out the Women’s Leadership Program and confirm that Brianna is safe. But making contact is more complicated than Morgan anticipated.

It’s as if her sister has disappeared.



Coming in March – New release of a book for women who have lost a child.