So many books, so little time!

If you made a goal to read more in 2023, and you haven’t yet picked up a book, it isn’t too late to start. As a matter of fact, any time you pick up a book is a good time to begin the journey of reading. Perhaps you should visit your local library. It isn’t too late to get a library card! Whether you’re five or eighty-five, anyone can get a library card.

Do you have a library card? I got my first library card when I was in the fourth grade. We’d just moved to Sacramento, California from the Bay Area. My new school had a limit on the number of books that I could check out. Three books! That wasn’t enough for this voracious reader. My mom saw my need and took me to the local library a few blocks from our house.

I can still remember the look and smell of that tiny hole-in-the-wall library. Uneven wood floors, rickety wire shelves, and the smell of old books – Heaven to this young reader.

The library eventually moved to a much bigger location, and I mourned the loss. But I’ve always carried a library card for whatever city I currently live in. Think about it – thousands of books available for FREE. All you need is a little card to give you access to worlds far away and near.

Now that libraries have entered the 21st century, you can also borrow digital books and audiobooks. Sweet!

No excuses!

  • I can’t afford to buy books
  • I don’t have room to keep books after I’ve bought them
  • I can’t afford a Kindle
  • I can’t spend the money for a monthly subscription to Kindle Unlimited

Recently I got a library card from the library here in Anderson, South Carolina. Just for kicks, I typed in a search on the computer for my name. What a thrill to see they had one of my books in their system!

Book Cover: The Caregiving Season

The Caregiving Season, Finding Grace to Honor Your Aging Parent by Jane Daly

I was so excited to find this in the Anderson, South Carolina library catalog!

Here’s my 2023 New Year challenge to you:

Get down to your local library and get a library card. If you already have a card, USE IT!

Yes, Google is easy, quick, and fun. But nothing beats the discipline of finding what you need at your local library. Remember – It isn’t too late!

In addition to thousands of books, libraries are a great source for:

  • Free internet – you don’t have to feel pressured to buy a coffee at Starbucks to use their Wifi
  • Book clubs in many genres
  • Classes and learning opportunities
  • Teen and children activities
  • So many more . . .

What I’m reading:

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Jane S. Daly is the author of two nonfiction books and seven novels.

Jane is addicted to coffee, purple pens, and her husband, not necessarily in that order. A self-proclaimed introvert, she enjoys the solitude of riding shotgun in Rigsby, her 37-foot motor home. But when they pull into a new campground, her favorite thing is to make new friends and find hangouts featuring local musicians. Her fantasy involves writing lyrics for country music songs and hearing them played on the radio. In the meantime, she’ll stick to writing novels. And seeing as much of the country as possible.