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April 2023

As I encourage you to read more in 2023, I hope you’ll take advantage of some of my recommendations of books I’ve read in the past couple of weeks.

I Must Betray You is a historical account of how scary it was to live in the Communist country of Romania prior to 1989. The story is told from the point of view of a 17-year-old boy who finds himself having to spy on his friends and family. As I read this, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to how our lives in the United States are becoming more and more similar to what Cristian experienced. I highly recommend this fantastic book.

Do you like heartwarming stories with happy endings? Then On Cue is for you. Music, humor, and an out-of-control dog make this an enjoyable read. The big question is, “Who is Honey?” The story will keep you guessing!

Gates of Hell was a Selah Award finalist – which is a big deal in the Christian writing community. I read this and must admit, I couldn’t put it down. The plot is believable – two young women kidnapped in a foreign country. The backdrop of Israel and the discovery of an ancient cult that still performs human sacrifice make this a edge-of-your-seat read.

Side note: This is another book published by my publisher: Elk Lake Publishing

I am excited to see this book of mine in print. It is the second one in the Broken Series, following Broken, A Story of Redemption. Be on the lookout for Broken Trust, which will be out some time next year.

Oh, and if you do read this, would you be kind enough to leave a review? Thank you in advance.

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