I had the privilege of talking with Dr. Freda Crews of Time For Hope. Her television program inspires and informs Christians who struggle with physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.

Dr. Freda V. Crews, D. Min., Ph.D., is the Director of Time for Hope Ministries and the host of Time for Hope, the internationally syndicated television program dedicated to faith based mental health. She is a Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor.  In addition, Dr. Crews is the Dean Emeritus of the International University for Graduate Studies School of Christian Counseling and Spiritual Direction.

She and I discussed my book, The Caregiving Season. It was especially poignant for her, as she helped care for her aging parents before their deaths.

The episode will air toward the end of February or beginning of March. You can find it on her website (below) or on YouTube, or on her weekly podcast (iTunes).



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