Dr. Deborah C Bauers

Deborah Bauers is a freelance author, educator and Licensed Professional Counselor with 35 years of experience in her field, both as a pastor’s wife and as a clinician. She holds a Masters Degree from Liberty University and a Doctorate from Andersonville Theological Seminary.

Whether in the office or classroom, traveling to a speaking engagement or engaging with her right grandchildren, she values relationships and meaningful encounters with individuals from all walks of life. Deborah and her husband have designed and implemented a Marriage Mentor Ministry in their local church. She supervises the use of the Prepare-Enrich Assessment and implements her marriage model as a tool in the work that the church’s mentor couples do with married couples. Deborah also oversees sub-ministries which include premarital and parenting focus groups.

Dr. Bauers’ writing portfolio is diverse. In addition to being published in a number of online mental health publications, she has developed a tried-and-true marital model called "Three Questions to Heal a Marriage” that serves as an assessment tool and framework for clinicians.

Deborah’s writing skills include expertise in technical writing and white paper production, freelance journalism, and works of fiction. She is a former recipient of the Pulitzer Citizen Journalism Award for her essay on Latin America's views of US politics in light of the pervasive influence of Venezuela's former President, Hugo Chavez.

Dr. Bauers is a former writer for AllAboutLifeChallenges.com. in Colorado Springs. She is also a former facilitator of the Mental Health Platform at heliumnetwork.com. Deborah has prior experience as a newspaper mental health columnist with the Post Independent in Garfield County, Colorado. Deborah served as an adjunct Professor in Counseling/Psychology for King's University and Seminary for 10 years.

Dr. Bauers is a first responder and critical incident stress management specialist and has been present during two church shootings. She and her husband have appeared on live television and radio to share these life-changing events. Dr. Bauers believes that the church is only as vital and life-giving as are its marriages and families. Deborah loves supporting the local church through hands-on ministry.