65296118 - 2017 happy new year

As we look to a brand new year, it brings to mind new beginnings. A fresh start. Maybe do things differently this year.

Here are some resolutions I’ve made to make 2017 better than 2016 in my role as caregiver for my ninety-three-year-old mother:

  • Give more grace. I need to remind myself that she’s 93, not 73. She needs more patience from me as her faculties diminish.
  • Renew my sense of humor. Help my mother see the irony and (sometimes) humor as she ages. And ages. And ages.
  • Enjoy this time. It will soon be gone (I mean, she can’t live forever, right???) and I will miss her like crazy. She’s my second most fervent cheerleader. I’ll miss that.
  • Pray for her more often. Especially when she’s gotten on my last nerve.

What things do you wish for in the new year as you go through this caregiving season?


Jane Daly is the author of two books, Because of Grace (2015) and The Caregiving Season (2016). She can be reached through her website www.janeSdaly.com. She is also the treasurer of Inspire Christian Writers and West Coast Christian Writers.

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