What do you call a 60-something woman who sells everything to live in a motor home full-time?

Crazy? Quirky? Perhaps I’m both.
But it gives me plenty of time to write — stories for women who want to know there is hope in horror and life beyond loss. Women who have given up what they thought was important, to find what truly matters.

Rigsby On The Road

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Life is an Adventure!

Reading, Writing, and RV Life!

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For women who have lost a child.

Every mother fears losing her child. When that horror became a devastating reality for author Jane Daly, everything she believed in became distorted.

As she tried to come to grips with a life that would never be normal again, Jane found God’s presence leading her from the pain of loss to the peace that passes all understanding.

Take a walk with Jane Daly through this story of sorrow and healing, and experience the touch of God that ultimately carried her from grief to hope.

Romance Genre

Recent Release

I am already working on the next book of this series!


A Collection of Short Stories