Bookworm: A Person devoted to reading or studying

By now we’ve established the fact that I love to read. In the days before cell phones, a book in hand was the equivalent of having a screen in my face today.

  • Waiting for my mom at the grocery store
  • Sitting in the back row in a boring class
  • Rainy day and can’t go outside

When I was a kid, I thought nothing of hanging out in my room reading. Now that I’m an adult, I feel guilty about spending an entire afternoon buried in a book. Surely there’s something more constructive I could do.

Excuses, excuses

  • Dust is building up on the furniture
  • Need to vacuum
  • Are those dirty dishes in the sink?
  • Start dinner prep
  • Work on writing/editing/marketing my book

Do you find yourself feeling anxious when you sit down to enjoy a leisurely afternoon with the latest New York Times bestseller? Or is it just me who feels that way?

I recently spent six (yes, six!) hours watching the NFL playoff games. As this is published, I’ve probably sat through the Super Bowl as well. We think nothing of spending a Sunday afternoon watching two teams battle it out on the football field, but spending those same three hours reading seems wasteful.

Here’s my challenge to you in the words from the Taylor Swift song – Shake it off! Shake off the guilt, pull out your Kindle or physical book, and just read. For pleasure, for education, or for edification.

Just read!

What I’m reading:

This is one of the books in the Christmas Falls Rom-Com series. I like the fact that I can read Peel’s books without cringing over language or sex scenes. Being a hopeless romantic, I love a happy ending, even though the plots are predictable. I highly recommend the Christmas Falls series for a few hours of escaping real life.

What’s your excuse for not reading more in 2023?

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