1. Hayley seems to have a need for everything to be perfect for Jason. How much of that need is because she wants to please him and how much is because she wants to avoid his anger?
  2. Hayley feels guilty over Cynthia’s death. Do you think she should be blamed for taking her eyes off Cynthia for the time it took to ride into the street and get hit by the car?
  3. Why do you think Jason has become extremely controlling since his daughter’s death?
  4. Jazzmine and Zeke seem to have it all together. Do you think their marriage can remain strong after Marcus’ arrest, or will it cause unresolved tension?
  5. Is Zola a good neighbor or is she too nosy?
  6. How would you feel if your neighbor knew who had killed your daughter, and she kept silent about it?
  7. Discuss why or why not do you think Jason’s turn-around is real?