This week is my turn for shameless self promotion.

While waiting for The Caregiving Season book to be published, I polished up my novel, Broken, and entered it into a writing contest. Every year, Oregon Christian Writers hosts the Cascade Awards. One of the categories is Unpublished Women’s Fiction. In July, I was informed that I was one of three finalists in my category.

I waited anxiously during the awards banquet dinner, hoping and against hope I’d win. With my stomach in knots, I hardly enjoyed the fine meal we were served.

At last came the time when the winners would be announced. First, the envelopes containing the names of the winners were delivered to the two hosts of the event. I sat with my eyes glued to the table in front of me.

“Our first category is Unpublished Women’s Fiction.” Then the envelope was opened, and the first line of the story was read.

“Worst. Night. Ever. She smelled like the inside of a porta-potty, baked to perfection in ninety degree heat.”

I Won! That was the beginning of my novel.

I’m on my way to becoming a published fiction author.

Jane Cascade Award Aug16

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